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Dr. Erin Christiansen
Nurse Practitioner


Dr. Erin L. Christiansen is a Doctor of Nursing Practice and board certified family nurse practitioner.  Specializing in nursing since the early 2000's, she obtained her licensed nurse certificate and Associate of Applied Science degree from Iowa Western Community College.  She went on to complete the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program from Upper Iowa University.  Later, she returned to school earning her Masters of Science in Nursing specializing in family nurse practitioner and Doctor of Nursing Practice from the University of Northern Colorado.  


With over 20 years of experience, she is dedicated to providing her patients with the best care possible.  Using a combination of traditional and alternative methods, Erin works to provide relief from chronic pain, improve physical function, and enhance overall wellbeing.  She strives to make sure that her patients have access to the most up-to-date treatments and technologies available.

In her spare time she enjoys skiing, hiking, and pick up games of soccer, basketball, and volleyball with her children and soon to be husband, Justin.

Visit her today and start your journey to better health and wellbeing.

20+ years experience

12+ years of acute and primary care 

6,240+ hours in holistic pain management


Physical Therapist

Amara Health & Pain Center a healthcare concierge clinic. 

This means we are able to spend more time on what really matters, our Patients!


Our patients experience more time, personal relationships, and direct access to their providers, convenient scheduling with in-office or telehealth appointments, and personalized care compared to traditional pain management clinics.  


Amara Health & Pain Center does not submit claims to Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurances on their patient behalves.  What Amara Health & Pain Center does do is provide exceptional patient care, no hidden costs, and guidance and needed documents of how patients can submit their own claims. 

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