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Sometimes you just need a little something extra.

What we offer

Trigger Point Injections

When your muscles get tight, they form painful knots of tissue called trigger points. When they are pressed they trigger pain. Trigger point injections target those inflamed points causing the muscle relax and easing the pain.

Occipital Nerve Blocks

Not all headaches are caused by an inflamed, irritated occipital nerve, but when they are an occipital nerve block may help. Occipital nerve blocks may help headaches that affect the back of the head or one side of the head, head pain described as shooting, zapping, stinging or burning, some migraines or cluster headaches, or tender or painful scalps.

Joint Injections

Normally a combination of a corticosteroid (steroid) and numbing agent or hyaluronic acid (a natural joint lubricant) to treat pain and inflamed joints or as maintenance therapy of moderate osteoarthritis. Such injections help decrease the inflammation inside the joint leading to decreased swelling and pain. Common joints treated with corticosteroids are ankles, elbows, shoulders, knees, and small joints of the hands, feet, and wrists.

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